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Gold Leaf - Deadstock

The New Old Truck

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NZ author Jenny Sommervell, illustrations by Jenny's sister, Margery Fern

Based on a true story, The New Old Truck retells the story of a family’s beloved old-fashioned truck, about to be retired. Old Truck had been a useful truck, but needed replaced with a modern truck. All the kids objected. They loved to ride in Old Truck; one of the first trucks ever built. It even has a hand crank. The illustrations are smart, extremely detailed, and are beautifully colored.  This book will entertain young children as the Old Truck goes from a tired, worn-out machine to a crisp sharp machine ready to beat any truck of any age.

Sentences are short and simply structured, making it easy for children to read. The dialogue includes the farm children protesting, which can be fun to read aloud. 

This award winning book takes you into the colourful interaction between Old Truck and the children and also describes the American origin of the real Old Truck, a 1921 Model 10 Republic. Educational graphics and old photos show his heritage in a great line of Republics made in Alma, Michigan, USA; his long journey to New Zealand, and his remarkable rescue and restoration on Silodale farm. Today the 'new' Old Truck spends his time out and about at vintage machinery rallies in New Zealand and has been featured in The Truck Journal, in newspapers and on TV.


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Dimensions: 21cm X 27cm

No. Pages: 44