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About Us

Even as the world recovers from pandemic-era uncertainty, people are still sad, angry and anxious, according to several global studies on well-being, including Gallup’s 2022/23 Global State of Emotions which take the world’s emotional temperature of people in more than 100 countries. Negative emotions remain at a record high. It’s difficult to find joy with this backdrop. Particularly inside corporates, where more work is being done by fewer people, and happiness on the job feels like a distant memory. All this anxiety is stealing the joy. Yet we try to hide it with a smile, so people don’t know how much of a struggle it sometimes is. Because if they know you’re struggling, then somehow that comes across as a failure, right?

When life feels too heavy, Gold Leaf’s joyful whimsy and purposefulness comes to the rescue. 

At Gold Leaf, we make the world's most luxurious fashion and lifestyle brands more accessible to New Zealanders, by enabling pristine high-end items to be rehomed from one person to another. We want people to have fun with their accessories, whether that's Prada sunglasses for brunch or making smoothies in a vintage blender at the beach house. At the same time, you're keeping the Planet safe by buying pre-owned rather than new. 

If these ever-more-frequent extreme weather events continue at this rate, more millions will lose their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones. Whereas, if collectively we embrace a slightly more eclectic preloved, pre-owned culture, there will be more chance of keeping our Planet and it's inhabitants safer in the long term. We reckon that’s worth being a little unconventional. Don’t you?


Founder and former eBay UK Marketing Director, Carolyn Managh spent her entire life inside and on the periphery of corporate multinationals around the world; always feeling like a square peg in a world of round holes. Carolyn’s lifelong search for joy invariably stalled at every turn. Until eventually, she decided to take a more unconventional approach, and create a company dedicated to bringing joy to the forefront of the public psyche.

Gold Leaf has the mission of being New Zealand's most respected reseller and authority for pre-owned high-end accessories and homewares. We are creating an Again Story for pre-owned items made by the world's most prestigious brands, including the likes of Prada, Gucci, Dior, Balmain and Fendi. 

Every Gold Leaf item is curated for its timeless elegance, and ability to exist beautifully in a stylish modern-day world, rather than yesteryear.

Gold Leaf guarantees authenticity of each item. The quality of pieces stocked on Gold Leaf is extremely high. We want you to buy with confidence that your purchase will be in pristine, or near-as-pristine condition; alleviating any quality or trust uncertainly that typically comes with buying preloved.

Our simple grading system identifies the quality of each piece, so you can rest assured that your purchase will be exactly as described.

Pristine – no marks. scratches or signs of wear

Excellent – tiny mark or sign of wear, but relatively unnoticeable 

Very Good – some signs of wear, but still great quality