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Gold Leaf

Rorstrand Frisco Lidded Ovenware pot

  • $75.00

Made in Sweden

Rare Vintage Rorstrand Ceramic Ovenware and Serving Bowl, with handle and lid. Hand painted blue geometric shape fish pattern

Pattern Design: Frisco (design launched 1951)

Designer: Marianne Westmann

Base Colour: Antique White

Function: Ovenproof

Rörstrand is one of Europe's oldest manufacturers of porcelain, and their collaboration with Marinanne Westman's work is highly regarded and difficult to find. Particularly in mint condition like this piece.

Condition: Excellent. Tiny firing mark on the edge of the handle (shown in photograph: would have occured in production. (note: lighting in photos created a couple of flashes on the dish - these are not faults)

Dimension: 15.5cm dia x 8cm H (without lid) 12cm H (with lid), handle 8cm L