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GUCCI Havana wayfarer sunglasses GG0056

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Made in Italy

Havana Gucci Green & Red striped arms Wayfarer new RSP averages NZ$428 - $560

Our resale price is based on Gold Leaf standard resale rate for Excellent with original (OG) case of 60% of new RSP $428

(note: tiny specs of sand appear in some of the photos, due to shoot location - they have been dusted, and are not imperfections)

Sunglasses Condition: Excellent

Original Case: YES, Hard logo case, soft drawstring pouch

Case Condition: Excellent

Original Cloth: Yes, unwrapped

Frame material: metal & resin

Frame colour: tortoiseshell with gold features

Size: 54-18

Lens: polarised UV protection

Model No: GG0056/SB