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EMPORIO ARMANI sunglasses EA9050/S

  • $118.00

Made in Italy

EMPORIO ARMANI sunglasses new RSP averages NZ$295 - $355

Our resale price for these is based on Gold Leaf standard resale rate for Very Good sunglasses with OG soft case of 40% of new RSP $295. The sunglasses have some barely perceptible wear on and around the lens. Our normal standards are as-new de nova, so this is why these sunnies are graded at our lowest tier of Very Good. 

Lightweight semi-wraparound sunglasses, brilliant for outdoor sports, beach, windsurfing and pool days.

Sunglasses Condition: Very Good

Original Case: YES, soft case, grey, logo, Very Good condition

Original Cloth: NO

Frame material and colour: opaque Acetate Havana

Lens colour: Havana tint

Lens polarised UV protection

Model Number:  EA9050S BB1 120