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DIOR sunglasses, Dior Lady 1 C8VHVN

  • $379.00

Made in Italy

Dior Lady 1 sunglasses new RSP average NZ$690

Our resale price is based on Gold Leaf standard resale rate for Pristine sunglasses with OG box, but no OG case. Typically our rate for this combination (particularly with the sunglasses being in such beautiful condition) would be 60%, however since the quality of the OG boxes sits at only Very Good, we priced this item at 55% of new RSP $690


Sunglasses Condition: Pristine

Frame colour: tortoise shell rims and blue azur arms

Frame material: metal with tortoise shell trimming

Original Case: NO

Original Box: YES, at Very Good quality

Original cloth included: YES, at Very Good condition

Size:  55- 19

Lens: polarised, UV Protection

Model C8V HVN

Colour code: Blue Azur