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Gold Leaf - Deadstock

A Very Greedy Tale

  • $15.00

NZ author Jenny Sommervell, illustrations by Jenny's sister, Margery Fern

Napoleon is STARVING! When he sees his breakfast arriving on the other side of the electric fence, the anticipation is too much! He decides to charge the fence despite the consequences. But things don’t work out the way Napoleon expected! Find out what happens when Napoleon escapes and leads Josephine astray…

Pigs love food and will do anything to get it! They are great escape artists! Learn about pigs, the electric fences that keep them in, and the Kiwi inventors who pioneered them.

‘... the pigs were so clever they could think of a way around every difficulty ...’ - George Orwell


Condition: Deadstock, NEW

Dimensions: 21cm X 27cm

No. Pages: 40