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Think BIG. Dream BIGGER. Wear BIGGEST.

Think BIG. Dream BIGGER. Wear BIGGEST.

Call up Foo Fighters on the Spotify, dial the volume right up, and get your dance groove on, cause the 2010s are on fleek again. Look no further than Celine’s July runway show in Paris for peak indie rock revival with one glaring exception. The teeny tiny sunglasses of that era have been tossed into a tiny wastebasket, replaced with oversized gradient sunnies reminiscent of Jackie O vibe circa 1970s. Think big, and that’s probably still not big enough, so think even bigger.

It’s not just Celine who’s feeling the colossal vibe this summer. Saint Laurent’s Resort 2023 collection is making a big statement with oversized dark square shades adding rock ‘n’ roll sexy to “mid-century couture-era codes of tailleur (tailoring) and flou (anything soft and/or floaty),” according to the fashion doyennes at Vogue. Loewe has gone even bigger than we ever imagined possible; blowing up their shades into duo circular inflatables that could double as a floating drinks holder for your pool this summer. If anyone can pull off inflatable sunnies it is Justin Bieber. Otherwise, the jury is still out on the surrealist aesthetic that is arm floaties as eyewear. Whereas Chloé and their new best friend Gigi Hadid know a thing or two about taking the yellow brick road of bigness, as the iconic French label has been following their oversized vision of feminine eyewear since before the Foo Fighters were born. This season, Chloé takes us to the Californian desert and somehow manages to almost completely cover Gigi’s impossibly perfect face with the most stunning gradient tint of Havana and Mirage Blues wrapped inside acetate frames that make the heart flutter.   

There is a further benefit to wearing oversized statement shades other than the obvious cool factor. They keep us looking young, according to various illustrious skin specialists, including those on London’s Harley Street no less.

Here’s why. Dark shadows around the eyes could give us the appearance of being unwell or looking tired. The eyelid skin is unique as it is rich in pigment cells but low in sebaceous glands making it inherently prone to becoming darker and dehydrated. Years of sun damage, exposure to high energy visible (HEV) light and blue light from smartphones and computer screens, and environmental pollutants all lead to hyperpigmentation of the eye area.

As we age, eyelid skin becomes progressively thinner and loses its elasticity and tightness, whereas youthful, taught skin reflects light well, giving it luminosity. Wearing oversized shades will keep the harsh sun and pollutants away from the delicate skin around your eyes, and ultimately could be the difference between looking like a freshly ironed, clean linen duvet and a crumpled duvet with a dirty appearance. Now that’s big. The bigger the better in our eyes.

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