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Gold Leaf

VW Beetle whisky decanter & glasses set, 1969

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Made in Germany

Whisky decanter and shot glass set inside a metal VW Beetle (with rubber tyres). (approx 1:10 scale)

Plus a music box – activated when you open the lid – wind up with the steering wheel

The music is the theme tune to the 1956 Movie 'Around the world in 80 days' based on the Jules Verne book.

Our Grandad won this in a croquet tournament in 1969 and it has spent most of its life on a display shelf.

It is quite rare to find one in such good condition. Many are rusted and have missing parts. Some have no roof, some have the drinks set missing. There is some wear on the front and back bumpers, but otherwise in great condition for its age. 

Great for Volkswagen and VW Beetle enthusiasts

Dimensions 37cm (370mm) long x 13cm (130mm) high x 14cm (140mm) wide