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Gold Leaf

Champion COLD PRESS JUICER, commercial grade, c1970s

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Made in California, USA 

Pristine retro kitchenware like this juicer, make great presents for university students and children/grandchildren who are first-time flatting. They are usually more sturdy, less complicated design and difficult to break – no matter how inexperienced the user.

The Champion commercial-grade cold press juicer was invented in 1954, and still to this day, is considered to be the best design of built-to-last, quality juicing for commercial kitchens and households around America. You can still buy replacement parts for every Champion model ever produced. Easy to assemble. Just as easy to clean.

Made in California. Champion Classic 2000

For price context, new Champion 2000 juicers are NZ$700 to $1700


To extract the juice, it uses a masticating action, which turns the vegetable pulp into a ‘butter’. This pulp is then squeezed through the strainer, all the while ensuring that the tiny fibre-bearing particles in the produce aren’t prematurely oxidised.

The large feeding chamber reduces preparation time because fruit and vegetables don't have to be cut up small. The Champion juicer also pumps the juice out fast,k so less time in the kitchen, more time to put your feet up with a glass of fresh fruit juice or an icy fruit crush on a sunny afternoon.


Regular juicers destroy much of the nutritional value of the fruit or vegetables, and the resulting juice has an acidic effect on the body as opposed to the desired alkaline effect you get from drinking freshly made, cold pressed juice. 



Number of pieces – machine + 5 attachments

Colour - Cream

Condition: Preloved, excellent considering its age. Couple of paint chips off the base and feet but not anywhere else.

Weight – 3.5kg