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That 70s Show

That 70s Show

If history is any indication of interior design following closely in the footsteps of fashion trends, then it looks like the Seventies are back in vogue, big time. Recent fashion weeks were like a Woodstock revival, with patchwork, fringes, clogs, suede vests, bell-sleeves, waved hairstyles and flared jeans leading the love-in. The trend is a celebration of the return of time-honoured craftsmanship that underlined this revolutionary yet playful era; evoked by the likes of Gabriela Hearst and Kenzo with their distinctly 70s festival vibes.

Just yesterday, the arrival of Harry Styles - rapidly becoming a sartorial arbiter of style - at Venice Film Festival was all about his groovy ’70s suit and boots. Harry’s friend, Chris Pines followed suit with preppy country club vibes that would have looked equally fine on Sean Connery’s James Bond in Dr No.

Why this 70’s love-in? Why now?

Seventies design was fun and sexy but still sophisticated. Its inherent cheerfulness and lightness of touch gave much-needed relief amid the heavy weight of that decade, with the Vietnam War, Watergate, Iranian kidnappings, attempted presidential assassinations, serial killers, the death of Elvis and Beatles break-up. Little wonder that people were drawn to the calming nature of a little playful frivolity.

Seeing the connection yet? Here we are, yet again living in extraordinarily stressful and uncertain times. Fear is paramount. If the pandemic doesn’t end up killing us, then the climate crisis probably will. Surrounded by such complexity, it’s natural that we enjoy adding little pops of retro colour and style to our homes; reminding us of simpler times.

This is especially true for the holiday bach (crib) or caravan, as it’s here that we want to be transported to our happy place where time has no meaning. Here, there’s homemade milkshakes and baking, fishing, cooking with fire, even a turntable playing vinyl records. Yes, modern high-speed conveniences are great but slowing down with a little 70s style is divine.